Querying Active Directory Through Oracle

The Fisherman DBA

It’s usually easy to tell when a muskie fisherman in another boat sees a good sized fish.  He’ll usually use the trolling motor to slowly move around a small area, picking it apart from different angles with his casts.  He may stay in an area of 100 square yards for a couple hours, trying to find the right presentation and angle to get the follower to bite.  Seeing a big fish follow your bait to the boat is exciting, but if you want to catch more of these followers, you need to be ready to change go at them with something different.  If bucktail gets them to follow lazily, try a jerkbait.  If casting from shallow water brings them in too late, try casting from the deep.

In my previous post, I showed how to query Active Directory from SQL Server.  This was nice and easy to do; since they’re…

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