FortiClient: Remote Connection over Mac

Well this area was a bit blurred for me during the time I was trying to access remotely to my work environment..

So I will try to share my experiences as simple as it can be.

I. Client Environment


MacBook Air

OS X El Capitan


II. Necessary Applications

  • FortiClient for VPN
  • Any Remote Connection utility (i.e. Microsoft Remote Desktop :) )


III. Configuration

a. FortiClient Set-up

 Once you ‘ve got FortiClient installed on your computer, it will locate its icon into your application folder; launch it.
Go Remote Access tab and select Add a new connection from the menu as it ‘s shown below.
Then a new window will pop-up. Fill in the blanks by using following example.
  • Network Type should be selected as SSL VPN
  • You can define any name for the field Connection Name
  • You can type any definition to the Description field
  • RemoteGateway is probably an information you should ask your company ‘s IT department.
  • ClientCertificate should be populated automatically
  • Username should be provided by IT

Apply it to keep this configuration. Afterwards you ‘ll be able to select the connection that you ‘ve created from the VPNMenu.
Select it, type your VPN password, then click Connect button.
Caution:This password is not necessarily your Windows password. 
If a secure connection is established, you should be seeing a screen like this one:
This means that a secure Virtual Private Network connection is ready between your client and remote system. In short, you can access remotely to your office computer now.

            b. Microsoft Remote Desktop Set-up


Click NEW button to create a new remote connection definiton.
Then fill out the necessary fields as they ‘re shown below:
  • Connection Name can be any name.
  • PC Name is the internal IP address of remotecomputer.
  • Select your Gateway as End Point Security.
  • User Name is domain user. Should be entered as given format in hint.
  • Password is user ‘s domain password. (a.k.a. Windows Login password)
  • Rest of the fileds may remain the same

IV. Exceptions and Notes:

*     You do need administrative rights on Clientcomputer in order to install these applications and configure them.


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