Concurrency … the path to success and the path the failure

Learning is not a spectator sport

Let’s face it. Concurrency is a good thing when it comes to database applications. After all, if there is only a single user of your application, then chances are, it is not a successful application Smile. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but by and large, most of the applications we build are going to be used by large populations of users. And given the recent publicity of users data and privacy, we can also be pretty confident that we want the data in our applications to be correct at all times.

As a developer, it is absolutely critical to keep concurrency in mind when building applications. Here is a simple demonstration to thrust home the point.

The task assigned to the developer here is simple – transfer move all of the rows satisfying a particular condition from table T1 to table T2. Let’s create our database objects…

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